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We now believe دون is the Suez F946 and this activity must be Red Sea even with the excellent readability. We would like to see a reference to MV Saviz or جزيرة ميون and continue to monitor 6666 and 6568.

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At this point we have destroyer brigade command ق ل م in comms with three ships, possibly two out of area and one acting as communications bridge. From previous experience we suspect that the bridge is the Alexandria F911. The other two are callsigns علامات دون وكادة. If we are right about the time zones then these two ships are in the southern end of the Red Sea or even the Gulf of Aden. Position reports continue to be via signal which can't be decoded. But the more we listen the more we learn. Or I'm just imagining things.

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Updated: May 1, 2021

big signal blocking 6568 so they moved to 5A which turns out be 6666. updated freq table. تردد خمسة الفا ٦٦٦٦

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