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This website is meant to be educational. We learn from listening. We are not collecting email addresses or IP addresses. To make a comment or ask a question, go to the Forum page and "Sign up" with any bogus email you like. We look forward to hearing from you.

Exercise Medusa 12 underway in the waters off Alexandria. ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser and a frigate, a submarine and two corvettes participating along with elements of Greek, Saudi and Cypriot Navies. We hear them day and night on the lower frequencies, mainly 6666.

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At least one ship or shore station is using the HC-265 Voice Scrambler. For audio and waterfall examples see the Sigidwiki.

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Updated: Nov 2, 2022

TKMS has handed Al Aziz over to the Egyptian Navy but AIS says it is still at Bremerhaven. We watch and listen.

17 OCT Al Aziz, Destroyer Brigade Command and a frigate using call sign سائر on 15950khz at 1150z. Al Aziz just calling itself 904 for now, and for now we will think of سائر as ENS Taba 916. According to AIS Al Aziz is moored at Wilhelmshaven.

1245z Al Aziz sent a fuel status report via STANAG 4197 on 12800khz. They schedule next contact for tomorrow 0900L on 10519 or 8404. As usual they are all over the place.

18 OCT Al Aziz is in the North Sea and sending reports via STANAG to سائر , probably ENS Taba. Still using 904 and 16 as call signs. Mostly using 15950khz but the whole freq table is still valid and available.

19 OCT Al Aziz has turned on the AIS transponder to transit the English Channel. Yesterday they sent a position in the clear on 11136khz. Back on 15950 as of 1400z today.

20 OCT AL Aziz has turned the AIS transponder off and sends postion report by STANAG but they tell us where they are at 1405z on 16500khz 4934.6N 00409.3W

22 OCT 904 is currently off the coast of Portugal. Last heard on 14600khz. Coincidentally there is a call sign جوانتي sending MIL-STD-188-110A to Destroyer Brigade Command with time stamps Z+3, possibly Combined Task Force 153 related.

24 OCT 904 is close to Gibraltar and sending postion reports to عزال, so this could be the base at Alexandria.

28 OCT 904 is near Malta. HMS Albion visited Alexandria this week and worked with ENS Taba, which would explain the increased radio traffic.

31 OCT So much activity on 6666khz it's probably the welcome home parade of ships.

And here is ENS Al Aziz F904 in Alexandria

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