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This website is meant to be educational. We learn from listening. We are not collecting email addresses or IP addresses. To make a comment or ask a question, go to the Forum page and "Sign up" with any bogus email you like. We look forward to hearing from you.

Al Qadeer F909 was delivered to the Egyptian Navy at Bremerhaven on Dec 15 2023. It moored at Wilhelmshaven until leaving for Alexandria on Dec 20. Soon we heard غرندي call مرحك on 20100khz with no answer. We heard another failed attempt at contact on Dec 23 on 6800khz. We presume مرحك was Al Qadeer and we heard nothing from them until the ship reached Alexandria Dec 31. We have to conclude that satellite communications are working on newly delivered ships. TIBA-1 is the likely satellite, if you have that capability. We don't. The navy can still be heard on the usual HF frequencies, but we don't expect anything interesting so this may be the last entry in this blog.

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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

26 MAY Al Qahhar F905 has been handed over to the Navy in Bremerhaven but so far we only hear Destroyer Brigade Command on the air with فارو and عشري . At least we know the correct spelling for the new ship.

29 MAY At least one Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate appears to be in the Western Med. Still haven't heard 905.

31 MAY Al Qahhar underway and approaching the English Channel according to AIS. Two frigates in the Med awaiting his first appearance on the airwaves.

31 MAY 2321Z Al Qahhar is on 18500khz. That is frequency reference 7C, change the 6 to 8. F904 Al Aziz is also on the frequency with a few others, we presume all in the Mediterranean. Al Qahhar of course is off the coast of the Netherlands heading to the Channel and transmitting AIS signal.

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Exercise Medusa 12 underway in the waters off Alexandria. ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser and a frigate, a submarine and two corvettes participating along with elements of Greek, Saudi and Cypriot Navies. We hear them day and night on the lower frequencies, mainly 6666.

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