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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Joint Russian-Egyptian maneuvers to be conducted between Dec 3-10 in Egyptian waters. Do you think they will be speaking English?

9 December / Comsec was much better on this exercise. The Russians are showing them how it's done.

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Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Ships en route to training area in the Aegean sea for Medusa 11 exercise with Greek Navy and others scheduled Nov 14 to 22. Past exercises have included at least one of all the major ship types of the Egyptian Navy. Expect English spoken on unusual frequencies. There should be a lot to listen to.

Again we see ثلاتة acting as control making us suspect this is an LHD. دوتر when last seen was ENS Port Said and مذكور was a submarine and فارو was an Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate before call signs changed. They expect مذكور to be back on the air at 1800 local time - a sure sign of a submerged submarine.

13 November / Very busy on seldom used night freqs, mostly 3350. At least one supply ship already involved, ENS Shalatin.

15 November / First indication that the LHD is ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser L1010 and the submarine is S43. 8689khz.

16 November / Just comm checks on 7788khz so far today but we have pictures from Greek media.

710 Lurssen 60 metre boat in the center with ابو بكر الصديق painted on the stern. 684 F. Zekry on far right. We think 710 is عثور and 684 is كمان .

976 Port Said whose call sign should beدوتر

710 again on the left and L1010 Gamal Abdel Nasser on the right, call sign ثلاثة .

Not shown is the F1003 Bernees. We have heard the call sign خامس which has been associated with this ship type before but that may have changed. We have also heard call sign فارو which has always been an Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate but that may have changed. Also not shown is a submarine but we know مذكور is a sub and probably S43.

Unequated call signs include تزاين and فردل .

17 November / 1 sent 3 a message meant for كمان from توشكى . That's ENS Toushka F906, an Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate. 7788khz.

Process of elimination suggests call sign تزاين is ENS Bernees.

19 November / Exercise traffic in English was heard overnight on 3311khz but we only heard the Greek side and weak transmission from ENS Port Said using call sign PS. And now it seems more likely that مذكور is S44.

20 November / Greek Navy active again overnight on 3311khz. ENS Port Said was acting as hostile target and ENS Bernees was told to go to line 213A due to noise. 22 November will be VIP day as they put on a show at Maleme on Crete, then everyone goes home.

21 November / A shipspotter on Crete has pictures of ENS Bernees, ENS Port Said and S44 at Souda Bay.

26 November / Medusa 11 is over but ثلاثة دوتر and ديغول remain at sea. When last seen ديغول was a submarine.

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9244khz is the latest frequency for patrol boats. غاز and رجال controlling 63 and 98 and others out of Ras El Tin or Abu Qir.

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