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Updated: Oct 25, 2021

5222khz, 5566khz, 8600khz, 10519khz, and call signs for everything from MRTP20 to Oliver Hazard Perry frigates. Are they all going to Port Said East?

19 October / A partial explanation for the activity: ENS Alexandria has been training with the Greek Navy. This was probably call sign سائر . ENS Taba has been training with the US Navy in the Red Sea. This was probably either call sign عشري or فارو . ENS Al Zafer F951 has been training with the Spanish Navy. This ship dates to the 1970's and we weren't sure it was still active. Here is a picture showing the SY-1 missile launchers that make this ship so recognizable.

ENS Tahya Misr was also training with the French Navy on 15 October and we think مرسل was the call sign.

21 October / No party at Port Said but they put on a show at Ras El Tin Base to welcome back the ships from "combat missions".

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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

We've been hearing 81 send STANAG to فائز and واحد since Sept 19. ENS AL MOEZ 981 was launched in May 2019 but has not yet been commissioned. It appears to be on a shakedown cruise. Expect a commissioning ceremony soon.

7 October / Now we hear كادا sending position reports on 4888 and 5200khz and we think this could be the operational call sign for 981. They expect to return to base Oct 9.

October 21 is the anniversary of the sinking of INS Eilat and would be a likely date for the inauguration ceremony of the new base at Port Said East. Maybe they will also have the commissioning ceremony for Al Moez at that time.

We also expect the new MEKO A200 frigate ENS Al Aziz to set sail from Germany by the end of the year.

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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Bright Star 2021 joint military drill to take place in Egypt from 2 to 17 Sep.

4 September / Also media reports Egyptian Navy and UAE conducting naval training Zayed-3 in UAE waters from 2 to 11 Sep. Press photos show ENS Al Galala FFG1002 and ENS Port Said 976 involved. فائز has been receiving position reports from جواد and دوتر with time stamps Z+4 so we conclude that جواد is Al Galala and دوتر is Port Said.

11 September / Very active on 11125khz, we presume it's Bright Star. تلاميذ sounds like a new call sign for the 710 boat. ثلاثة acting as command and control in place of واحد makes us think this could be L1010 or L1020. Night freq 6666khz.

12 September / Exercise activity in English on 6688khz 1845z.

Bravo Romeo / ENS Bernees FFG1003

Alfa Sierra / hull number 710 which now has ابو بكر الصديق painted on the stern

Hotel Yankee / Greek frigate Hydra F452

15 September / دوتر جواد and كمبوديا near the Bab El Mandeb - ENS Al Galala, ENS Port Said and probably a supply ship.

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