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This website is meant to be educational. We learn from listening. We are not collecting email addresses or IP addresses. To make a comment or ask a question, go to the Forum page and "Sign up" with any bogus email you like. We look forward to hearing from you.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

They keep correcting each other on call signs but it may only be the shore stations that are changing. We can't sort them out until they sort themselves out so we just keep listening.

1 November / مذكور was a supply ship. It is now a submarine.

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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

26 October 1400Z on 8689khz حصونة told ومر that he doesn't expect to tie up for 3 days. That puts the whole Mediterranean in reach unless he means he will be back in Alex in 3 days. We think ومر is Alexandria but all we know about حصونة is that he reports to Destroyer Brigade Command. We will continue to monitor.

28 October / The farther they get from home the higher they go in frequency but we are not seeing that on this mission. This one fits the pattern of a ship patrolling the EEZ demarcation line with Greece and Turkey. We are familiar with that pattern because they used to pass position reports in voice, but the big ships don't do that anymore. Automatic Link Establishment would be the next step, and long overdue. We expect to see حصونة back in Alex tomorrow.

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Updated: Oct 25, 2021

5222khz, 5566khz, 8600khz, 10519khz, and call signs for everything from MRTP20 to Oliver Hazard Perry frigates. Are they all going to Port Said East?

19 October / A partial explanation for the activity: ENS Alexandria has been training with the Greek Navy. This was probably call sign سائر . ENS Taba has been training with the US Navy in the Red Sea. This was probably either call sign عشري or فارو . ENS Al Zafer F951 has been training with the Spanish Navy. This ship dates to the 1970's and we weren't sure it was still active. Here is a picture showing the SY-1 missile launchers that make this ship so recognizable.

ENS Tahya Misr was also training with the French Navy on 15 October and we think مرسل was the call sign.

21 October / No party at Port Said but they put on a show at Ras El Tin Base to welcome back the ships from "combat missions".

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