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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

And it includes a submarine. Many frequencies in use helping us to populate the new frequency grid. Can anyone figure out what Alfa Alfa means?

27 August / The navy uses the Thuraya satellite network for communications and we think AA is what they call the terminal, which may be provided by AASAT.

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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

At some point in August the frequency references changed. It appears they are still using the same frequencies but may have just changed the headings on the columns and rows. We will update our frequency grid when we get more recoveries.

25 August / The frequency grid has been expanded to 16 rows.

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We haven't heard from Destroyer Brigade since the new submarine arrived but there have been coastal patrols active on 10333khz day and night. كوكب appears to be the base at Alexandria. Other shore based calls include نشار جلاد فتان سرواج and ميج 1 . Ship calls include 63, 66, 98, 703, غرندي حسك عزب and بوتشر (he spelled it for us). On 5200khz فيصل sends STANAG to غداء .

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