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This website is meant to be educational. We learn from listening. We are not collecting email addresses or IP addresses. To make a comment or ask a question, go to the Forum page and "Sign up" with any bogus email you like. We look forward to hearing from you.

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Operation Phoenix Express 2022 has started in Tunisia and we expect Al Aziz to sail for Alex this summer. If we don't hear the Navy in HF for either of these events this website will disappear unless someone wants to take it under their management. You can contact us on the forum page.

3 July 2022 واحد and two others active on 6666 and 9080 overnight so at least we know they are still using the same old frequencies.

9 July 2022 The call sign we've been hearing that sounds like "Fortelira" is probably ENS Al Ismailia 986, a Gowind class corvette made in Alexandria and undergoing sea trials.

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Updated: May 13, 2022

26 Feb The new Egyptian Navy MEKO frigate is at the TKMS Bremerhaven shipyard with AIS transponder turned on MMSI: 211845390.

5 April AL AZIZ ventures into the North Sea.

6 April Now we know AL AZIZ will be hull number 904. It is currently off the coast of Denmark.

9 April AL AZIZ is back in Bremerhaven.

28 April AL AZIZ heading to sea again.

4 May AL AZIZ is now in Wilhelmshaven.

6 May AL AZIZ heading back to Skagerrak.

13 May AL AZIZ moored at Kiel.

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We know the higher the frequency the farther from home they are. واحد and مروان active today on 10519, 12250, 12850, 15950 and 16200khz. Probably in the Red Sea.

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